Pneumatic Conveying and Accessories

  • Dilute and Dense Phase Systems, Diverters
  • Pulse Jet Filters and Receivers, Bag Dumps
  • Rotary Airlocks, Tubing, Elbows and Couplings
  • Flo-N-Go Hopper Liners, Rail Car Unloading Systems
  • Pressure and Vacuum Blower Packages
  • Pulse Jet Bag House Filters; Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Low/Medium Pressure Blow-back Filters; HEPA Filters
  • High Efficiency Cyclones/Receivers; Bin Vents


  • Protection technology that includes explosion venting, explosion suppression, a choice of chemical & mechanical systems for the isolation of interconnected process equipment and spark detection & extinguishing equipment to manage a source of both dust explosion ignition and fire.


  • Broken bag detectors, dust monitors, and leak detection systems for monitoring fabric filter baghouses and cartridge dust collection systems.
  • Electrostatic/triboelectric continuous emissions monitor technology to measure dust, powders, and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications.


Air Movement & Accessories

  • Centrifugal, Axial and Radial Fans / Blowers
  • FRP Fans / Blowers, Propeller and Roof Fans
  • Quick Ship Available: Fans / Unit Heaters / Coils
  • Centrifugal and Axial Fans; Parts; Turnkey Installations; Replacement Wheels for competitor brands
  • Mining and Tunnel Ventilation Fans

Duroflow HeliFlow® Industrial Series

  • P.D. Blowers: Pressure and Vacuum Packages
  • Up to 4500 CFM, 15 PSIG or 15″Hg


  • Duct/tube-axial fans (belt or direct drive)
  • Wall/panel exhaust fans; belt and direct drive for low and high pressure exhaust)
  • Roof ventilators/exhausters (belt or direct drive with motors in or out of air stream)
  • Cast Aluminum blowers (low and high pressure – direct drive)
  • Man and product coolers (belt or direct drive on low, medium or high stands)

  • Industrial Noise Control/Filtration Products
  • Blower/Compressor/Fan/Engine/Gas Turbine Silencers



  • Multistage Centrifugal Blower and Exhausters


  • Regenerative Blowers
  • Chemical Resistant Blowers


Mechanical Conveying & Accessories

  • Screw Conveyors and feeders
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Plug Screw Conveyors
  • “Salad Bar” Conveyors

  • Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors
  • Specialty Screw Feeders
  • Bucket Elevators/Drag Conveyors
  • Belt Conveying Systems


  • Complete Material Handling Systems for the heavy industrial sectors with emphasis on Power Generation; Coal; Steel; Cement Plants; Mining; Biomass, etc.

  • Material Handling Gates, Orifice Gates, Roller/Knife Gates
  • Diverter Valves (pneumatic and gravity);Fill/Pass valves, Iris Valves

Storing, Discharging, Feeding, & Screening

  • Flexible Screw Conveyors and Systems, Bag Dumps
  • Tubular Disc Conveyors, Bulk Bag Unloaders & Fillers
  • Vacuum Conveyors; Portable Conveyors
  • Solidquid™ Powder & Liquid Delivery System
  • En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors

Industry leader providing:

  • Volumetric feeders, gravimetric feeders, weighfeeders
  • Mass flow meters, bulk bag unloaders, and vibratory feeders

  • Dust Control Load-Out Spouts/Systems
  • Airslide Conveyors, Filter Modules, Flow Control Valves

CST_STORAGE_RGB.jpgColumbian TecTank- Proven Performance in Tank Storage Solutions

  • Bolted & Shop Welded Silos/Bins/Hoppers, Skirted/Legged/Skirted
  • Round/Rectangular/C.S./S.S./Aluminum
    /Specialized Coatings
  • Bulk Storage Reclaim Systems
  • Silo, Cone, and Dome Systems

  • “New” – APEX™ Dry Separation Screeners – with “easy screen access”
  • Gyratory-Reciprocating Motion Rectangular Screeners/Sifters
  • Gradex™ Particle Size Analyzers
  • Liquatex™ liquid/solid separators
  • Megatex™ very high process rate screeners

Mixing / Reacting / Drying

  • Batch & Continuous Mixers/Blenders
  • 1.5-600 CF; Paddle/Ribbon/Hybrid solid shafts
  • Heat/Cool; Pressure/Vacuum/Microwave

Weight Measurement

  • Load Cells, Platform Scales
  • Weight Controllers, Indicators
  • Batching, Weighing Automation
  • Level-By-Weight

Packaging Equipment

  • Valve-Type and Open-Mouth Bag Fillers
  • Tote, Bulk Bag, and Drum Fillers
  • Robotic Packaging Systems
  • Bag Conveyors & Palletizers



Process & Related Equipment


  • Magnetic Separation Equipment: Magnetic plates, grates, traps, rolls/ tubes, drum separators, magnetic pulleys, non-ferrous eddy current separators, and electromagnetic separators.
  • Vibratory Feeders/Conveyors: A complete line of vibratory equipment to convey, screen, and feed materials. Quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour.
  • Vibratory Screeners: High capacity gyratory units for high viscosity liquid/solid separation, and wet or dry classification. Inline screeners are also available.
  • Resource Recovery Equipment: Magnetic equipment used to recover ferrous and nonferrous metals from automobile shredder residue, garbage, electronic/computer scrap, bottom ash.
  • Magnets for General Use: A wide range of office and light industrial uses and for conveying ferrous parts; controlling steel sheet/ pipe; cleaning machine tool coolant; lifting/positioning steel plates and moving ferrous chips/stampings from beneath machine tools.
  • Metal Detectors: Broadest range of metal detectors in the industry. For small ferrous or nonferrous metal pieces, tramp metal or digger teeth.

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  • Container (Drum/Box/Tote) Dumpers
  • Portable Bins; Container Tilters

  • Bulk Solids Samplers for powders, granules, slurries
  • Pneumatic Lines, Chutes, Bins, etc.
  • “Gustafson” and ” Bristol ” Samplers

  • Size Reduction Equipment including Pulverizers, Impact Dryer Mills, Hammer Mills, Shredders, Crushers, and Air Classifiers