Air Movement & Accessories

  • Centrifugal, Axial and Radial Fans / Blowers
  • FRP Fans / Blowers, Propeller and Roof Fans
  • Quick Ship Available: Fans / Unit Heaters / Coils
  • Centrifugal and Axial Fans; Parts; Turnkey Installations; Replacement Wheels for competitor brands
  • Mining and Tunnel Ventilation Fans

Duroflow HeliFlow® Industrial Series

  • P.D. Blowers: Pressure and Vacuum Packages
  • Up to 4500 CFM, 15 PSIG or 15″Hg


  • Duct/tube-axial fans (belt or direct drive)
  • Wall/panel exhaust fans; belt and direct drive for low and high pressure exhaust)
  • Roof ventilators/exhausters (belt or direct drive with motors in or out of air stream)
  • Cast Aluminum blowers (low and high pressure – direct drive)
  • Man and product coolers (belt or direct drive on low, medium or high stands)

  • Industrial Noise Control/Filtration Products
  • Blower/Compressor/Fan/Engine/Gas Turbine Silencers



  • Multistage Centrifugal Blower and Exhausters


  • Regenerative Blowers
  • Chemical Resistant Blowers