Storing, Discharging, Feeding, & Screening

  • Flexible Screw Conveyors and Systems, Bag Dumps
  • Tubular Disc Conveyors, Bulk Bag Unloaders & Fillers
  • Vacuum Conveyors; Portable Conveyors
  • Solidquid™ Powder & Liquid Delivery System
  • En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyors

Industry leader providing:

  • Volumetric feeders, gravimetric feeders, weighfeeders
  • Mass flow meters, bulk bag unloaders, and vibratory feeders

  • Dust Control Load-Out Spouts/Systems
  • Airslide Conveyors, Filter Modules, Flow Control Valves

CST_STORAGE_RGB.jpgColumbian TecTank- Proven Performance in Tank Storage Solutions

  • Bolted & Shop Welded Silos/Bins/Hoppers, Skirted/Legged/Skirted
  • Round/Rectangular/C.S./S.S./Aluminum
    /Specialized Coatings
  • Bulk Storage Reclaim Systems
  • Silo, Cone, and Dome Systems

  • “New” – APEX™ Dry Separation Screeners – with “easy screen access”
  • Gyratory-Reciprocating Motion Rectangular Screeners/Sifters
  • Gradex™ Particle Size Analyzers
  • Liquatex™ liquid/solid separators
  • Megatex™ very high process rate screeners