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Pneumatic Conveying / Dust Collection

 Typical MAC Equipment Dilute Pressure Conveying System

Typical MAC Equipment Dense-Phase conveying System

The many different types of MAC Equipment Airlocks

Schenck Process (MAC) Cartridge Dust Collector and Optional Airlock

 Schenck Process (Mac) Pressure P.D. Package

Air Movement & Accessories

New York Blower General Industrial Fan – Series 45
(Rugged radial-blade fans for air and/or material handling)

New York Blower Pressure Blower (up to 85″ WC, 10,000 CFM)

New York Blower High-Efficient Backwardly-inclined Fans
(up to 20″ WC, non-overloading)

New York Blower High-Efficiency Airfoil Fans for Air Handling
(up to 40″ WC and 127,000 CFM)

New York Blower Arrangement 8 fan ready for installation

New York Blower Arrangement 3
(with independent bearing pedestals and an Inlet box)

New York Blower -The leading manufacturer of FRP fans
(pressures to 40″ WC and volumes to 84,000 CFM)

New York Blower Plug Fans
(Oven, Dryer, Furnace applications to 1300 oF, 74,000 CFM, and 14″ WC)

New York Blower Propeller Fans
(Belt and Direct Drive available, Capacities to 117,800 CFM and pressures to 3/4″ W.C.)

Mechanical Conveying - Gates/Valves

View of common screw feeder(Note short pitch under inlet)

Hapman Inc. Tubtrar Drag Conveyor and Dump Station

Hapman Inc. Portable Flexible Screw Conveyor System

Screw Sections

Style of Screw Sections: Different applications will require different styles.

full Pitch
Standard design, used for conveying material horizontally or on slight inclines.

Half Pitch
Used in conveyors where material is being conveyed up an incline.

Double Flight full Pitch
Used in conveyors where an even discharge of materials is required.

Ribbon Flight
Used in conveyors to convey sticky materials.

Cut Flight
Used in conveyors where mixing materials is desired.

Cut and Fold Flight
Used in conveyors where high levels of mixing materials is desired.

Varied Pitch Flight
Used in screw feeders, short pitch below inlet, full pitch beyond to allow material loading to drop.

Cone Screw w full Pitch
Used in screw feeders where an even loading across the inlet length is desired.

Cone Screw w varied
Used in screw feeders where an extremely even loading across the inlet length is desired.

Storage, Feeding and Discharging

Typical CST Storage Bolted Tanks

Typical CST Storage Welded Silos

Process Equipment

ROTEX Screeners are for separating dry materials according to particle size. Rotex screeners utilize a unique gyratory-reciprocating motion.

ROTEX Screeners are used for production screening of dry materials. Gyratory-reciprocating motion accurately separates material into two to six grades. Screen area up to 100 sq. ft.

Automatic-Tensioning ROTEX Screeners are used to screen chemicals, plastics, food ingredients, fine minerals and agrictrtural products.

General Purpose ROTEX Screeners are used for applications not requiring all-metal construction. These applications include grain cleaning (corn, beans, wheat, etc.), animal feed pellets, abrasives, ground rubber, and particle board. GP models provide an economical alternative to the all-metal design without sacrificing screening performance.

Minerals Machine from ROTEX INC. has been designed specifically to meet the demanding high capacity screening requirements of the mineral industries

The GRADEX 2000 is a patented PC-controlled device which fully automates the sieve analysis process. Analysis and complete data printout are automatic – in the lab or on the plant floor – making SPC a reality for today

Magnets, Metal Detection, Vibratory Feeding, Screening

Eriez Grate Magnets extract small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd and irregtrar-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes and ducts.

Level, Flow, and Weight Measurement

Ametek Drexelbrook: DR7000 Series, Continuous Level Radar

Ametek Drexelbrook: Plugged Chute Detection

Ametek Drexelbrook: DR7100 Series, Guided Radar (TDR) Continuous Level Transmitter

Ametek Drexelbrook: Wireless Interface Solutions

Ametek Drexelbrook: IntelliPoint RF

Ametek Drexelbrook: ThePoint – Point Level Switch