Air Movement & Accessories

New York Blower General Industrial Fan – Series 45
(Rugged radial-blade fans for air and/or material handling)

New York Blower Pressure Blower (up to 85″ WC, 10,000 CFM)

New York Blower High-Efficient Backwardly-inclined Fans
(up to 20″ WC, non-overloading)

New York Blower High-Efficiency Airfoil Fans for Air Handling
(up to 40″ WC and 127,000 CFM)

New York Blower Arrangement 8 fan ready for installation

New York Blower Arrangement 3
(with independent bearing pedestals and an Inlet box)

New York Blower -The leading manufacturer of FRP fans
(pressures to 40″ WC and volumes to 84,000 CFM)

New York Blower Plug Fans
(Oven, Dryer, Furnace applications to 1300 oF, 74,000 CFM, and 14″ WC)

New York Blower Propeller Fans
(Belt and Direct Drive available, Capacities to 117,800 CFM and pressures to 3/4″ W.C.)