Process Equipment

ROTEX Screeners are for separating dry materials according to particle size. Rotex screeners utilize a unique gyratory-reciprocating motion.

ROTEX Screeners are used for production screening of dry materials. Gyratory-reciprocating motion accurately separates material into two to six grades. Screen area up to 100 sq. ft.

Automatic-Tensioning ROTEX Screeners are used to screen chemicals, plastics, food ingredients, fine minerals and agrictrtural products.

General Purpose ROTEX Screeners are used for applications not requiring all-metal construction. These applications include grain cleaning (corn, beans, wheat, etc.), animal feed pellets, abrasives, ground rubber, and particle board. GP models provide an economical alternative to the all-metal design without sacrificing screening performance.

Minerals Machine from ROTEX INC. has been designed specifically to meet the demanding high capacity screening requirements of the mineral industries

The GRADEX 2000 is a patented PC-controlled device which fully automates the sieve analysis process. Analysis and complete data printout are automatic – in the lab or on the plant floor – making SPC a reality for today